Saturday, February 27, 2016

Live on the Flabby Hoffman Radio Show

Tune into today at 1680 am on the radio or streaming live to mobile devices and computers at around 2/2:15

I'll be a guest on the Flabby Hoffman Radio show talking about the new 365 song album, music, and maybe even just life in general. Maybe play a tune.

If you got something to say to me, make it public! You can call in when I am on at 312-985-7834 and Flabby will answer it on-air, letting me chat.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Elbo Room 2.26.16

2016 - 2- 26 - Elbo Room from Mark Mikunas on Vimeo.

What an amazing night. First, thank you to Eric Sands and John Barnicle for playing with me. You guys are amazing and we have real chemistry - It truly is an honor, and I would play with you guys forever. I mean it. Second, thank you with all my heart to everyone who came out. You made this night magical. I know not everyone could come, but you were in my heart and I missed you dearly. God, I am on a high I never want to come down from. There is something about performing that transcends existence. And apparently my voice sounds better sober. Who knew. Photos and videos coming.

Edit: I want to add I have such an amazing family. God, I have not been the best relative, I know that. But you all came from so far to watch. I owe you so much. So much. I love you all.
How about that. Rebecca F playing here tonight too.

Even more reason to come!

Almost Showtime

All set up and waiting for the boys for final rehearsal before heading to the Elbo Room.

Never matter how dark things can get: life, people can tear through your soul. But there is always lady music. This moment right now - though I get sick and panicked and the silence pounds my temples, makes me feel so alive. There is nothing I would be rather doing in the world (aside from time with Maxie).

 Only live once and I will never stop doing this no matter how old nor ridiculous I get. I'm a committed fool...

Guitar, snow, rice

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Under the kissing tree

under the kissing tree
he waits, always
cherry moon and
hands burnt of promise.

The night stars
cold and distant
lips cracked
throat whispy
eye puffed and no,
won't quite say

there's no one to listen
on the wicker weed,
cotton, soft and gentle retreats.
the air a heavy
breed of empty
he walks.
silent and withered.
sick, beaten,
this must be what he

no one and no one
and nothing
the scarlet fielder
the emptiness opens
screaming inside
he can't handle
so much pain,
forever and always

the music is so distant
to share? for share?

"this is terminal,
isn't it"

no one. no one

echo. tinder of echo,
left at all
the shovel clangs
against the earthy stone
now, child,
it just a matter of moments
long, solitary moments

Little Prince Cafe

It's been so long, but never forgotten. Things have changed and for now what is essential will be invisible to all eyes. There remains a movie though, honoring the memory of LPC and the amazing Richard Stromberg. Please enjoy and remember.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

The album of the year update

I've started a blog about my current project, writing an album of 365 songs to release one a day next year. It's coming along amazingly, I am more proud of these songs than anything I have done before. They are honest, varied, and will capture a year in the life. Please join me.

Check out the journey here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Laying the past to rest

Working hard on the new year long album and in preparation for upcoming shows, going to be shooting a whole bunch of new photos and videos.

However, I did want to have a good final version of the album release party vid, so I uploaded a new, sleeker version. Trimmed up a bunch of unneeded stuff and made it much tighter. But the past is past and that lifetime is officially done, so on to a new and brighter future!

August 1st 2015 . Dogs Bark at Strangers Album Release Highlights from Mark Mikunas on Vimeo.

Show @ the Store on March 10th

Very excited!

For my show at the Store on March 10th, I got the amazing Justin Purtill to play a set.

I recommend everyone get out that night and check it out! More details coming after the Elbo room show next Friday.