Monday, June 26, 2017

The event page is up. Nerves.

For anyone in New Orleans this Thursday, here is the FB Event kindly set up by Kristen. Lots and lots of people invited I don't know. The nerves begin to take hold.

So much, So much still to do

Little sleep,Trazadone.

So much to do.

Finish writing/recording the new music. Mix the 16 songs for the teaser CD to give away at the show. Finish writing the script. Editing the script. Rehearsing the new music, and the entire pseudo improv parts, and read the writing parts. Time the whole thing. Damn, it's 20 pages right now. Meet with the videographer. Meet with the dancers (i think?).  Find something to wear. Do I find something fabulous? Feels like I should take part in a masquerade spirit. It fits. Print flyers. Burn sampler CD's and package them (30 should be good right?) Write/Record/Mix one or two more background instrumental pieces to play when I am reading. Meet with Reese and Kristen. Test/rehearse switching between my mixer and the computer sound output for speaking vs playing music live. Talk to videographer about coming early and bringing her lighting setup. Sure I am forgetting a bunch. Oh yeah, figure out how to fucking sleep.

But hey, I got the flyers done, and the printout for the special edition 16 song sample CD given away at the show.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

More Inspiration Through...

A quote

"Money, I believed, and still do, is most peoples' substitute for a personal story. The symbols it buys always tell the same story, namely the success story of the prevailing culture back to the culture that spawned it. Money is one's way out of autobiography into the collective myth. The currency of outsiders is their personal story."

Thank you, Andrei, for a feel a bit more justified and less foolish having read that.

First draft of the show script is done

Art Klub Mark First Draft Script from Mark Mikunas on Vimeo.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Spent the day rehearsing for my show. Had an amazing meeting with Reese doing pre-production. We drew up a unique layout for the theatre, and she is putting a call out for dancers or actors who would like to be a part of the cast performance. Have a really cool set design, with couches on risers and all manner of comfortable lounging for the show (not shown. right now it's a lovely mess. the mood will be set this weekend). As well, I have a member of the Art Klub doing some readings of my prose during the show. And the live music videographer from WWOZ is filming the night! So exciting. And my event page is up.

Now night falls in New Orleans, the magnetic, the streets fall with neon music.