Thursday, October 12, 2017

Down Deep

Down deep in the basement of things.

Shooting has begun on my Apophenia video, what will hopefully be a short film/music collage that tells a bit of a story while weaving in the 24 or so songs I chose that I think give a good idea of what this thing will end up being. I have become obsessed with having my site really show something that captures the feeling of this, if only for my own concern that it's not all just screaming in the dark. With this, I am little by little whittling away at my site and trying to make it something a bit more. Can’t be any more vague than that right now I guess. In this obsession, has also wormed in a David Lynch fetish that is making me feel a bit more like human.

Depression takes hold though, and working through it isn’t always easy. Then exhaustion, not sure if it’s seperate or related. And of course, the loss of sleep. So the notion of having a set date of when this may release seems incredibly alien right now. The word, the concept, even having this little cloudy vision right about my eyes. It is the best way I can simply explain what life can devolve to.

When in New Orleans, one of the Art Klub members, Kristen, had read a short bit of prose I wrote on the ride down at my show. She was so helpful in all manner of show preparation, and we ended up finding out we work really well together. And then deeply honored, as she asked me to contribute to a modern dance show/performance she is creating to be submitted for consideration in November for a festival circuit. So I have been reading her notes, ideas, and trying to give her something that may be usable. So far, a few instrumental music pieces, bits of poetry and prose. Under the guidance of an “An Island Becomes a Star”. So exciting.

This album, New Orleans show, writing, whatever the hell it is I do does take it toll on everything. And sadly finances is not immune. So I have started to put together ideas for a gofundme or patreon website, to hopefully find a few kind hearted patrons to help support what is I hope to be the most important music project I will ever produce. So, that’s coming.

All for now.

Monday, October 9, 2017

on miasma

artifice and sheen,
acrid dependency,
then lucidity,
in a hollow symmetry,
in only nothing and 
momentary revealtry
the anachron's chalk,
that faded to obscurity,
like polyester,
of yesterday.
but still,
mindless on
that bouncing ball

age wears the mask
of wisdom,
and store bought mimicry-
"i don't think that word means what
you think it means?"
humble on cue,
rubik, or rubicon,
do we cross?
solving one is a parlor trick,
the other,
a well worn clumsiness,
"let sleeping dogs lie?"
or maybe,
our zeitgeist

i see you,
cloned into those walls,
aromatic nonsense
shuffles on hard,
unforgiving wood
so strange,
the tongues our teeth
to clamp on
as momentary as
wino's welcome
the chatterdom night

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Tis' the witching season

Since it is the season, I took a break from my other things to remix my take on Danny Elfman's classic "This is Halloween" with my current effects/software chain. Really proud of this, felt it was in need of reviving. After the song, there are a few live halloween show clips from 2012.