Monday, February 26, 2018

And now.

After New Orleans, after months of re-mixing, re-mastering, learning, indecision, and so on, I have started recording my first new song in many long months.

In that time I have come up with many sketches, ideas, lyrics, but I hadn't actually recorded anything as I wanted to feel confident that everything I have recorded since 2016 felt as good as I can get it with my abilities. And I think I am there.

With this, a new song, "On Perryman Road". In a way, those first 100 odd songs represented violent change within myself. Even physically. My appearance then, even my hair, was angular, jagged and defiant. I was in a way working through a mid life crisis of such, and as so, stylistically I almost re-lived my metal/punk/rock youth, and it came through the music. As well, my earliest years entranced with Michael Jackson and funk-pop.

Now, I am excited about seeing where this current incarnation of myself goes. Of course it's all still me, but experience can not be dismissed, and some how, I feel now is something more unique.

Oh, and I am in a band with the inimitable John Barnicle (of Dummy fame). We have been rehearsing the last few months, currently just he and I, working through some of my older songs to get things synchronized. We are going to be playing out in the next short months, so more on that coming.

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